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Billabong Adventure Division x Coral Gardeners

To help address the increasing threat to the “ocean’s rainforests,” we’ve partnered with Coral Gardeners on this collection to help raise awareness and restore the ocean, one coral at a time.

Coral reefs are the foundation of a healthy ocean, which produces more than half of the oxygen we breathe. No reef. No Ocean. No Air.

This collaboration supports @coralgardeners' ongoing mission to save the reef for future generations.

Let's #SaveTheReef

Started in 2017 by Mo’orea surfer Titouan Bernicot (@toutiess) and his friends, Coral Gardeners worked to find a solution to the rapid degradation of coral reefs in their backyard and beyond. 

Our friends from Coral Gardeners are now made up of an international collective of scientists, engineers, creators and advocates on a mission to revolutionize ocean conservation and create a global movement to save the world’s coral reefs through active restoration, awareness activities & innovative solutions. 

The essence of the organization's work is built around reef restoration. More than 100,000 coral fragments planted. By cultivating resilient corals, they breathe life back into fragile reef ecosystems.

The Coral Gardeners x Billabong Adventure Division collection was made using 100% recycled and/or organic materials to protect the places we play. A purpose-built product range for your next ocean adventure, whether it’s freediving in the coral gardens or searching for that next wave.  

We asked team rider @aleanvast what it was like spending time with the @coralgardeners for a couple of days:

“That feeling that you are part of making a change, you have an action, you’re actually doing something. As I spent more time with the Coral Gardeners team, I started to really feel like I was part of the movement dedicated to preserving and restoring coral reefs. I was left with a profound appreciation for the interconnectedness of the marine ecosystem, the resilience of nature and the impact that one dedicated individual can have on the health of our oceans.”

Learn  how you can help save the reef with Coral Gardeners and find out more about the Adopt a Coral initiative to help them grow their gardens and recreate a diverse and resilient reef:

Explore the Billabong Adventure Division x Coral Gardeners collection