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Surf -

Finding waves with Coral

Our Western Australian warrior, Coral Durant grew up in a very remote area named Red Bluff, so isolated a spot that she had to be home-schooled which is well worth it to be living so close to world-class waves. It’s where the desert meets the sea and it's no wonder Coral has a strong connection with the coastline, turquoise waters, looming cliffs and stunning sunsets and her favourite place in the world is her home.


How long have you been surfing for now?

I grew up on a world renowned left-hander that breaks on very unforgiving reef so I didn’t start giving it a proper crack until I was about 9 years old. 

What is the most amazing surf session you've ever had and why has it stuck with you?

I’ve had a few surfs in my time that have really stuck with me, one in particular was this year when I finally got home after being away for 10 months and I surfed with my siblings. Doing what you love with the people you love will always be the best for me. 


What’s your favourite board?

My current favourite board is this bright pink 5’10 Gunther Rohn! Goes so well when the swell picks up. 

What does your training regime involve?

I plan my day around the swell forecast, if I know there’s swell coming I’ll surf as much as I can that day, whereas if there’s no swell I’ll plan to move the body whether that be working out, running or going on long walks. 


What is your greatest achievement to date, and what are your goals for the future?

My biggest achievement to date is winning the Under 18s Australian Title back in 2019. I have many goals for the future but the end goal is qualifying for the CT and making a life out of my surfing. 

Who are your biggest inspirations?

I draw a lot of inspiration from my family and friends in surfing and just day-to-day living. 


If you could be a professional athlete for anything other than surfing, what would it be?

Tennis player! I can’t play to save my life but I love watching it. 


Tell us, what a typical weekend looks like for you?

My weekends don’t look too much different to my weekdays now that I’m out of school and back home for the Winter season. I surf if there’s waves, I’ll spend time with family/friends, and really just lots of time in the water whether that be fishing, diving or exploring.  


If you could pick one place to go for your next surf trip, where are you going?

I haven’t been many places overseas yet so I’ve got a never ending list but one that’s sticking out at the moment is Tahiti, I hope to get there one day. 


What's your favourite beach in the whole world? 

I’ve visited some beautiful beaches but my forever favourite will be home at Red Bluff. 


All time favourite food, and you have to eat it every day. Choose one?



What's on repeat on your spotify playlist?

I burn out every song that I find, so currently the one I’m burning out now is by Giant Rooks - what I know is all quicksand. 

Have you watched any good series, read any good books or listened to any good podcasts lately?

The last series I watched was Euphoria and I thought that was done really well, I’m reading the Law of Attraction book and I’m enjoying that and the last podcast I listened to was one my older sister and I did for Barrelled Surf Podcast which was interesting haha. 


2 people you would love to have dinner with and what questions would you ask them? 

The first person would be one of my best friends that past away nearly 2 years ago, I don’t have a question I’d just want to hang out with him. And the second person would be Alan Watts and I’d ask him how he brings himself back to the present moment when he feels like he’s getting ahead of himself. 


Lastly, your favourite Billabong piece you are wearing lately?

I’m loving my new Billabong Women's 3/2mm furnace zipper less steamer! Keeps me so warm in the water on these winter windy days.